Leonardo da Vinci First Private School, Bulgaria: The school is situated on the right bank of the Danube River in Ruse, the 5th biggest town in Bulgaria, in a well-developed region.

The School comprises a primary and a secondary school so its students are between 5 and 19 years of age. We also have a kindergarten with the same name – Leonardo da Vinci Kindergarten for children aged form 2,5 years old to pre-school age. The classes are organised in 2 sessions; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The students include children from the town and the region as well as kids and youths of mixed or foreign origin so they speak a variety of languages, have different religions, come from various cultures and ethnicities. There are children both of Turkish, British, Romanian and Russian background and youngsters who were born and have lived in Britain, Spain, Canada and the USA, whose parents are both Bulgarian, both foreigners or one of them is Bulgarian. Therefore, they have difficulties in communicating in Bulgarian, which often happens to be their mother tongue. Our school has rich experience in the application of cross-curricula activities for example including fairy tales, games, drama, dance, sports, creative, ecological and artistic activities in the teaching process.

The school has been teaching children in their first steps in entrepreneurship for eight years until today, as it has at its disposal well prepared teachers and trainers from the University of Ruse. In the practical courses and workshops, there are many of the children’s parents, who are specialists in their current field of professional skills, who participate along with the students.

For years, the School has been organising Summer Academy Daily programmes during the summer holidays, where the children 6-10 years have the opportunity to apply their skills, talents and knowledge of Maths, Science, Bulgarian, English and other languages while working on a wide range of topics (Pets, Healthy Eating, The Danube, The Earth, Friends, etc.). Since 2011, the School has been a member of the For a Better School Climate International Network. Leonardo da Vinci School can share its good experience and practice with its partners in the region by working with both parents and the community in town.